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revised Fibonacci Sequence
Adjacent terms of the Brunardot Series
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The Golden Ratio Mantissa
American Arrogance
D21 revised Fibonacci Series 
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Elliptical Consant Demo
Swimming Tips for Children Hosting
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The Concept of a Pulsoid
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Universal Ode is Aninmated
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Gill Boehringer, Writings of
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.info .net  .org .us Duality of Infinity

The Mystique of the Emergent Ellipsoid (EEd) .info
Brain Age Games 
Brain Age Games 
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The Fundamental Quantum is a Pulsoid
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Unites STP (Salient Principles)
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Concerning the Elliptical Constant Poem
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D21 Concerning the Elliptical Constant Poem  .info
Brunardot Theorem . . . a PoO Manuscript
Analagous to an atom
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Greenwood & Calvary Cemetery, Monroe, WI
Greenwood & Calvary Cemetery, Monroe, WI
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is the Philosophy of IPSOists
that is based upon
the creed of ONEness and
the logic of Conceptualism.

    ONEness is:  

A secular, ecumenical Creed
of tolerance, individualism,
sustainability, compassion, the Golden Rule,
21st Century wisdom
for all Persons.

    ONEness is:  

A practical amalgam of  Reality,
wisdom, observation, and
. . . the spiritual.

    ONEness is:  

An anthropic extension of
the First Postulate of  Reality,
which is consistent with all aspects
of Science, Theology, and Philosophy
in accordance with Natural Laws,
Philogic, and IPSO.

    ONEness is:  

 The essence of unique;
the antithesis of all religions
that are many and divisive.

    Thus, ONEness is:  

A Universal, evolving Creed
in search of Truth.





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